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Probing has come a long way since its origin on the CMM

The invention of the touch trigger probe in the early 1970s revolutionised the development of the co-ordinate measuring machine as the industry standard for 3D measurement.

Although the potential for applying probe routines on machine tools was quickly realised, it was not until the mid-1980s and development of more sophisticated machine controls, that probing became adopted by the world's largest machine tool builders.

Historically there has been a marked reluctance by the users of machine tools to use probing, typical objections included "increased cycle times" and "machine tools are for cutting not for measuring". Both sentiments have been largely based on misconceptions as to the real applications and benefits and also entrenched attitudes to improvements in methods of machine tool operation.

Today, the acceptance of quality control in the production environment and drive towards maximising machine productivity, have finally seen probing accepted as standard practice in the field of production engineering.
The application of probes to the set up of CNC machine tools brings significant productivity improvement by reducing the downtime associated with manual set up of tools, fixtures and workpieces, including the fast accurate inspection of first-off components.

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